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Rocky Creek has its roots as the private hunting land of the Chesnutt family. Friends and family used the property as a retreat from everyday life and an opportunity to get out into the great outdoors. In 2006 the first sporting clay course was put in for the youth shooters of the Rocky Creek Clay Dusters to practice. The club opened to the public in 2008 and continues to grow still.   

Today Rocky Creek encompasses approximately 300 acres on the west side of Mountain Gap Rd. This is where you will find the clubhouse, 5-stand, pavilion, new shooter learning area and the beautiful “Creek Course”. This is a great course to practice in the off-season, bring a new shooter, entertain customers or just to come out by yourself. 

Rocky Creek has a partnership with Oak Grove Plantation on east side of Mountain Gap Rd. Oak Grove is historic homestead built around 1800. Today it is a family run farm and camp ground. That farm property holds the “Oak Course” and “Field Course.”  

Rocky Creek caters to all shooters and their skill levels. From the guest who has never held a shotgun before, to the tournament shooter that goes through thousands of shotgun shells a year, we welcome you to Rocky Creek Sporting Clays!   


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General Manager - Mike Luongo

Office Manager - Courtney Jordan


RCSC Business Hours

Monday - Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 10AM - 5PM

Thursday: 10AM - 8PM* Must be on course by 6PM

Friday: 10AM - 5PM

Saturday: 9AM - 5PM

Sunday: 1PM - 5PM


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3390 Mountain Gap Rd

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